My name is Eduardo Valdés-Hevia and I’m a digital artist from Spain creating dark and surreal images through photomanipulation.

Since I picked up my mother’s computer at the age of 13 and started learning Photoshop by myself, I’ve loved making images that made people laugh or think. I believe some concepts can only be shown in this style, and have a different impact than other artistic mediums. More recently, I started exploring horror and found footage themes using historical images.

Other from art, I’m recently graduated from medical school in Oviedo, Spain.

Since I started publicly sharing my work, I’ve had the honor of being published in the Photographize and Chiiz magazines, freelanced in advertising, worked for independent board games, RPGs and books, and featured in articles on

If you want to know more, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram or watch me work live on Twitch. For any business inquiries, feel free to contact me at