2011. A cave with Neolithic paintings and artifacts is found near Tírig, Spain. Among the buried remains is an adult cranium with unknown malformations. The cave art appears to have religious significance.

The first scene represents people fighting and escaping what appears to be a large insect-like form with six limbs and large horns.

Below, people are kneeling before a similar figure in a more solemn pose. They make offerings to it.

The following part has been purposefully chiseled off, leaving few recognizable traces.

The final scene shows more people kneeling and laying down their weapons below what looks like their deities, which show elements of both humans and the previous six-limbed creatures. No other gods of such description are known of in the area.

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia
Sources: FxJ, Levi Clancy and Amenoc on Wikimedia, Gary Todd, Josch13 and EstudioWebDoce on Pixabay, Insects Unlocked, Texturelabs.

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