The following pictures and documents were retrieved from the remains of the ship ‘Storaker’, its crew and most of its cargo lost in a storm off the coast of Denmark while returning from an archeology expedition to the viking burial ground of Söndrum.

Excerpt from the diary of main archeologist Ture J. Arne (pictured right on item #2), 22 of March 1905: “Today we dug up something strange. It wasn’t far from the other graves in the area, but it was buried deeper. The extraction was difficult since it had become encased in a hard piece of sandstone we had to break through. […] This… artifact, it doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen from the vikings. It seems too detailed for one of their carvings, and the dark stone it’s made of is certainly not from the region. A piece of loot from one of their raids, perhaps? We’ll have to bring it back to Copenhagen and analyse it further.

“The crew is quite disturbed by the artifact, and I’ve heard far-fetched speculation about its origins. As much as I hate to admit it, it makes me feel uneasy too.[…] There’s one more thing I’m hesitating to write down. When I touched its surface I felt a very slight vibration, nearly imperceptible. None of the others seemed to notice. Thinking back on it, that was likely the result of a tired mind and an imagination stirred by old wives’ tales.

“Tomorrow we’ll load it on the ship with the rest of the findings and come back to the museum.”

CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Eduardo Valdés-Hevia
Sources: Swedish National Heritage Board, Megan McCarty and H. Zell on Wikimedia Commons, Norsk Maritimt Museum.

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