Clown Facts!

Did you know? Clowns can inflate their noses up to a diameter of 30 cm. This is known as “honking”.
While this behaviour is often seen when it feels threatened, a trained clown may also honk for entertainment. Releasing the contained air in a burst creates their iconic sound.

Did you know? A clown’s body is so flexible it can fit in a volume 1/5 its regular size.
Clown cars are a common attraction made to show this ability, with up to 20 clowns fitting in a small vehicle like this one. When opening the door, they will make their entrance in a blast!

Did you know? Clowns have a pouch above their stomach where they can store swallowed objects for several hours.
A classic clown trick consists of ingesting many handkerchiefs tied in a rope, which are then regurgitated to the audience’s delight.

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia