Loch Ness Monster

April 1932. Lt. Fordyce sights a shaggy, lumbering creature near Loch Ness, 1 year before the lake monster becomes a media sensation. The Fordyce Nessie looked like “a cross between a very large horse and a camel, with a hump on its back and a small head on a long neck.”
(Disclaimer: as opposed to the other fictional stories in this thread, this represents an actual reported sighting)

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Kiruna, northern Sweden. The morning of April 26, 1915, the small mining town’s train station burns down unexpectedly. Before the fire started, some locals report seeing a strange man-sized bird in the area. It would keep flying over the building as the blaze continued.
The creature was described as large, with no neck and red glowing eyes. Older locals said it was a Varsel-fågel, or “omen-bird”, a creature from Swedish folklore. Some today associate it with the American legend of Mothman. As soon as the smoke cleared, it was gone.

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Flatwoods Monster

Terror in the Forest!
Local kids discover a visitor from another world! Approaching the site of a crashed object from the sky, they will come face to face with… The Flatwoods Monster!

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Fresno Nightcrawlers

Near Fresno, California
A hunter’s camera catches sight of a group of unidentified creatures prancing around the forest. Though the veracity of the picture is unconfirmed, people are using it as evidence of the existence of the Fresno Nightcrawlers.

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Fresno Nightcrawlers (Take 2)

Possible sighting of the Fresno Nightcrawlers, spotted in California’s Central Valley. The witness reports “around 15” of these figures walking down the road, undisturbed by her presence. Biologists were called, but were only able to find decaying fungal clumps in the area.

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia

Mountain Creature Caught Running Behind Google Car

(See Mocc’s page for more information and additional images)

The Mountain Creature Caught Running Behind Google Car (Shortened as MoCCRuBGoC, or simply Mocc) was first spotted by Reddit user u/D33andmoose, running behind a Google Streetview car in British Columbia, Canada. The picture spread through social media and soon many interpretations of the cryptid started appearing, with the most popular one being the armless runner with the newt-like face.