Cursed Footage

Art created for the Cursed Footage challenge.

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Every image is © Eduardo Valdés-Hevia.

The Curse: Smile.jpg

Whoever keeps sending me this picture, can you please stop now? I’ve tried blocking you on twitter, discord, email… And somehow you keep making accounts. I’ve passed it on, ok? Just leave me alone.

Experiment: Accelerated Human Evolution

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Recently uncovered photograph from the infamous Le Lanchon experiments on accelerated human evolution. All the volunteer test subjects underwent what is now known as carcinization, evolving a compact and efficient shape, with a defensive ribcage shell and a keratinous claw.

Folklore: El Sumiciu

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In Asturian stories, the Sumiciu is an entity that embodies the void. When someone loses an object that seemed to be in front of them moments ago, they will usually accuse the greedy Sumiciu of swallowing it. Oft misconceived as a house elf, its true shape is shrouded in mystery.

Original Picture by Autobus_Memoria_Digital.

Infection: Cymothoa linguophaga

Cymothoa linguophaga is a parasite that targets mammals, including rare cases in humans.

Infection starts with inhalation of the egg. The juvenile travels to the mouth, where it cuts the tongue’s blood vessels, causing necrosis. The isopod then takes the place of the tongue.

From the Depths: The North Atlantic Mermaids

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The North Atlantic Mermaids, 2016.
The controversial image was taken by a pair of divers as they approached a pod of what they described as mermaids. While some believe it to be the first evidence of a new cetacean species, others dismiss it entirely.

Beyond the Stars: Xipe Totec

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August 7, 2022. Xipe Totec has completed an unexpectedly close orbit of the Earth, grazing its Roche radius. Tidal waves are expected in the coming days.
Authorities are warning not to approach the falling debris that was torn from the planet by Earth’s gravity.

Biblical: Trioculus

Accounts of Trioculus date as far back as the 6th century. In these reports, someone appears in a state of stupor, whispering that they have seen the face of an Angel. A year later, the Trioculus appears. Within a day, the affected will rise and flee, vanishing without a trace.