FILE RECOVERED: pacific_sea_level_anomaly_002 Date: 21/June/2004

After a sudden fall in sea level is detected in the Pacific, a detachment of Navy personnel is sent. They follow a strong current to its origin. The event spontaneously subsides 3 hours later.

ARCHIVE FILE: fractal_fossils_003 Date:??/??/192?

The shell […] follows a perfect fractal pattern called the Julia Set […] other examples are impossible to find in nature […] It kept growing, becoming more complex, recovering any parts that were cut off…

ARCHIVE FILE: god_particle_event_004 Date: 4/9/1958

Bubble chamber experiments used to find new subatomic particles give a series of unusual readings during antiproton annihilation tests. Scientists jokingly name it the God Particle. Results were never replicated.

ARCHIVE FILE: the_sculpture_rotation_006 Date: 6/12/1947

An Olmec sculpture is obtained by the Met Museum. Its origin is unknown. Over the next hours a curator notes that the head is slowly rotating, but no moving parts are found. “I think… It’s looking at me.”

FILE RECOVERED: midnight_sun_incident_008 Date: 22/06/2007

On this day, many places around the world saw the sun quickly rise and fall at exactly midnight. What puzzled scientists more is that near the poles, where the sun was already up, a second one appeared.

ARCHIVE FILE: mycelium_infections_009 Date: 1935

Dr. Heller inspects the skull of a victim of the 1806 Mycelium infections, an epidemic that decimated a village in the south of France. The fungus grew into the bone, creating ossified structures to spread spores.

ARCHIVE FILE: the_canada_floaters_011 Date: 2/04/1958

Local stories around the Pukaskwa National Park talk about figures that float above the frozen lakes in the winter months. Some claim they are the souls of people who died trapped under the ice.

FILE PARTIALLY RECOVERED: the_wailing_ocean_event_Ø12 D»te: 23/Feb/Æ¢96

“Houston, this is Commander Allen. Did you just send a message? I did not copy. þ½³§ Over” “This is Houston. We did not send any ›ïû÷ï®ission. £‹er” “…Then *~at the hell was that scream?”

ARCHIVE FILE: edmunds_paradox_013 Date: 1934

A boy next to Edmund’s Dolmen, Cornwall. The prehistoric megalith captivated many with its impossible geometry and it quickly became a local attraction. Its structure was unfortunately unstable, and it fell apart in 1936 after years of damage from tourists.

ARCHIVE FILE: the_scream_of_israfil_015 Date: 10/Nov/1917

On that day, a screeching wail was heard over the city of Jerusalem. Many claimed it was the trumpet of the angel Israfil, herald of the Day of Judgement. A week later, the British Empire invaded the city.

CLASSIFIED FILE: the_angel_sighting_017 Date: ??/1918

This is the only undamaged picture found in a camera in no man’s land (Flanders, 1918). It belonged to a war photographer who vanished and was presumed dead. No other remains appeared.

FILE RECOVERED: mandelbrot’s_leak_XX5 Date: 23/Jul/2006

When the MV Cougar Ace transport ship capsized, an unidentified liquid leaked into the water. It formed a perfect Mandelbrot’s fractal pattern. In the following months strange fish were reported in the area.




© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia