La Güestia

This picture was taken in a village in Asturias (Spain) in 1892, where two kids passed away from tuberculosis.

In these remote areas people still tell the tales of La Güestia, a ghostly procession that will march towards a dying person’s house and carry them off to join them.

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia

Can do Urco

Picture by an unknown photographer sometime in the 1910s, in the coast of Galicia (Spain). In this area, the Can do Urco is an ominous sign.

If you see the enormous red-eyed hound dragging its chains out of the sea, or hear it howling over the roaring water, your death is near.

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia


Though modern Alpine folk stories describe Krampus as the assistant to Saint Nicholas, it is believed the character has much older, possibly pre-Christian origins.

Stories of such creatures have been widespread in the region, dating back to Celtic myths of the Horned God.

CC-BY-SA Eduardo Valdés-Hevia. Head Source.