La Cosa Esa

Rumors have been spreading in the University of Lanús, Buenos Aires.
A creature dubbed La Cosa Esa has been seen stalking students when they leave the building. In recent years, 3 freshmen have disappeared during exam season.
The University has put out warnings about stray dogs.

[07:35] Lu: theo are you close? test starts soon

[07:35] Theo: Yeah, in campus. I’m SO nervous.
[07:37] Theo: Ugh. Do you ever feel like something follows you? Is it just stress?

[07:37] Lu: ??? not really?

[07:37] Theo: Oh.
[07:39] Theo: So am I going crazy? Or can you see this?

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia
These were commissions for @sora_1326 on twitter.
Original images: @sora_1326, Xaya, Alina Vilchenko, Jan Huber, Katrin Hauf, Ramiro Pianarosa, Maiqui Cordeiro, Sincerely Media, Seyi Ariyo, I.am_na, Annie Spratt.