People often forget that the Gods we used to believe in are still immortal. Having lost their power and influence, nowadays most of them have assimilated into society and have taken normal jobs to sustain themselves.


The Old Norse God of thunder recently started working in a local TV channel to make ends meet. He’s been presenting the weather and has shown extensive knowledge regarding storms and wind patterns, almost as if he had instinctive knowledge of them.


Horus used to be revered as the God of the Sky by the Egyptians, and even after being forgotten he was ever so drawn to it. He joined the Egyptian Air Force, where he flies with the nicknamed “Eye of Horus” Brigade. He has shown time and again his prowess and keen eye in battle, but if you asked him, he’s say he’s only doing it to fly in the sky that used to be his domain for as long as possible.


Tezcatlipoca was the Aztec God of the night. As the God of obsidian his body was dark and reflecting like the crystal he represents, interrupted by two yellow stripes on his face. Having lost his foot in a battle against an enormous serpent he chose a steady job and opened a night club in Mexico City, where he works serving tequila at the bar.


Artio was the Celtic Goddess of the forest and abundance. As a bear hiding in human form, she slept through the winter and woke up with spring to bring life wherever she went. She also was the one who gave its name to the Ursa Major constellation. Today, she studies the environment and works with the Forest Rangers in Asturias, Spain. Even now, after people have forgotten her name, she helps take care of the world we live in.


Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, was a powerful being from Chinese mythology. He has extraordinary physical prowess, and he can lift his 8 ton staff with ease and jump 20000 km in one sommersault, among many other powers. After beating many of the Chinese gods, being imprisoned by the Buddha for 500 years and helping recover the Buddhist Sutras from the West, he decided he had had enough action and opened a martial arts school, where he teaches his techniques to this day. Being five times immortal, he figures there’s a lot of people he can teach. But will he get bored before that?


Pele, Goddess of volcanoes and creator of the Hawaiian islands, currently lives in the Kilauea volcano. Her whims control the lava that goes down to the island, which carries the power to destroy but also to make new land. Today she is still respected in Hawaii, and she sometimes goes down to blend in with its inhabitants and practice the Hula dance which she helped create. Both ancient and enduring, her temper still makes her a respected and feared figure in Hawaiian culture, and she will surely keep her influence for many years to come.