Our Last Echoes

Bitter Rock, Alaska, 1897. “The photograph owner claims it was taken by a Russian sailor prior to his disappearance. It appears to be the being known as “the six-wing” and matches descriptions of reported sightings prior to the mass disappearances of 1943, 1973 and 2003.”

“In the summer of 1943 the commanding officer stationed on Bitter Rock left the island and was gone for two days. When he returned, the base was deserted. […] “Only one image was recovered. It appears to show a man with growths (barnacles?) on his face and extremities.”

Extract from a textbook: “Figure 13: The red-throated tern, endemic to Bitter Rock, displays an abnormally high degree of mutation. Most such mutations are fatal, but these two specimens, photographed in 1982, have survived into adulthood.”

These pictures were done as a commission for the book Our Last Echoes by Kate Alice Marshall:

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Images: National Archives, National Park Service, Pixabay, Unsplash

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia and Kate Alice Marshall