Personal Commissions

A collection of assorted commissions from my Ko-fi.

“I reckon they called him Jethro before… y’know, he turned into that thing. I thought a were-possum would be trouble, but he just wanders the holler, looking for ticks.
“He’s a nice feller! Not fond of lawmen, though. Might have bad memories. Heard he was at Blair Mountain.”

Commission for Zane Schacht.

This image was taken at the time of a series of deaths around the San Diego area, officially classified as mountain lion attacks. Some claim it shows a local legend, the Nine-Eyed Cat. The witness claimed it appeared as they were being followed by a stalker, who was chased away.

Commission for, and character by Cryptix23.

The cats purred in just the right way and accidentally summoned a long-forgotten god, now indebted to its uncaring saviours.

Commission for CryptidCreamy.

You didn’t believe Blind Anna existed until now. You catch a glimpse of her face, right before the anesthesia kicks in.

As you lay paralyzed and the scalpel rips your skin, it feels as though something dense and stinging is pushing through the wound. Your consciousness fades out.

Commission for Ian Colello.

“They say it’s made of shadows so dark you can only see it against the full moon’s light. If you’re lucky enough to notice it before it strikes, that is.”

Commission for Avionn.

“Woodcutters have been going missing since they opened up the Old Wood for lumbering.
“People always said the Old Wood had a protector, now they are calling the forest cursed”

Commission for SteadyPen.

You remember it skittering up and over the roof, too fast for a thing of that size. A shifting mass of claws. The one thing you can’t forget is that uncanny smile, those shining eyes looking at you briefly. Before you ran, you recall hoping that everyone in the house was alright.

Commission for Nitroz24.