The Last Trick-or-Treaters

When the moon is high
and the children are sleeping,
The Last Trick-or-Treaters
are quietly creeping.

On Hallowe’en Night
you hear their cries,
with masks and knives
as their disguise.

They hide their face,
they know your name.
They call for you
to play their game.

One knock, two knocks,
three knocks, four.
Don’t let them inside,
don’t open your door.

Tommy, Tommy, see his knife.
If you run he’ll take your life.
So lock your doors on Hallowe’en:
Tommy wants to hear you scream.

Here comes The Skinner on one foot
with a real big smile and eyes like soot.
Shut your door, don’t let them in,
Their favorite treasure is your skin.

Maggy’s mask is pale and white
But if you see her in the night
You’ll disappear without a trace and
When you die she’ll wear your face.

The Quiet Boy comes like a buzzard
Stealing flesh from those that suffered.
In the shadows, see him wait
To take your limbs and amputate.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Thank you so much to Jess Unkel for writing the poems above.

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© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia