The Statue

SUMMER ’97, Madrid, Spain.
Notebook of José Fernández (14):
Something weird is going on in the building in front of mine: every night I see a person in an empty apartment.

That building used to be the workshop of a sculptor and was later converted into apartments.

That person is trespassing. There shouldn’t be anyone there. I told mom, but she wouldn’t listen.
[Drawing shows the apartment in relation to the old workshop]
The intruder spends the whole night just standing still, doing “something”. They’re not there when I get up for school.

I asked my brother for his camera, but he won’t let me have it…
[A later note]
I bought myself a disposable camera! I took some pictures, I just need to get them developed…

CAN’T SEE SHIT!! Jeez dude…

Did a more accurate drawing. Hm…

I STOLE MY STUPID BROTHER’S CAMERA! I’ll take a pic of the intruder tonight for everyone to see!

[That was the last entry in José’s notebook. The film in his older brother’s camera was later developed, showing he only took one photo]

This was a collaboration between me and Dood, who did the drawings and wrote it with me. Additional pictures from Unsplash and Pexels.