Leaked report from the USSR Comittee of State Security (KGB), 1961.

Translated: “In June 1961, a group of Navy personnel carried out a survey on sunken merchant ships in the Kara Sea…”

“Upon investigating the survey ship Akademik Shokalskij, sunken by a U-boat in July 1943, the diver came upon the nest of some sort of creature”

“Our next aim should be to recover the eggs shown in the pictures.”

“Analysis [of the pictures] has determined it to be an unknown species, and it was given the provisional name of “Vshivkova”. The details are unclear as only the camera was recovered, and the rest of the crew deemed the waters unsafe to investigate further.”

“We have determined these documents to be of national security interest, and thus will be kept with utmost discretion.”

“Further developments will be communicated through private channels to the parties involved.” Full report and translation below:

CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Eduardo Valdés-Hevia
Sources: Marinmuseum, Vasamuseet, National Archives Catalog, Dehaan on Wikimedia, Gilles San Martin Bob Henricks and allispossible on flickr.

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