Xipe Totec

November 15, 2021. A new dwarf planet has been discovered in our solar neighbourhood. It was given the provisional name Xipe Totec. It has gone unnoticed due to its small size and complex orbit, but it recently passed close enough for this first image to be captured.

August 7, 2022. Xipe Totec has completed an unexpectedly close orbit of the Earth, grazing its Roche radius. Tidal waves are expected in the coming days.
Authorities are warning not to approach the falling debris that was torn from the planet by Earth’s gravity.

May 30, 2023. Concerns are mounting worldwide as flesh organisms grow unchecked.
Seeds that fell on Earth during close encounter with the living planetoid Xipe Totec appear to be fusing and consuming everything around them.
Large swaths of the ocean floor being covered in flesh may lead to ecological disaster, warns biologist.

To be continued…

Side Stories

BREAKING: We have lost connection with the James Webb Space Telescope. Its final message contains the last 4 images it captured before losing signal.

New data received from the spacecraft Voyager 2. Its trajectory was disturbed by a moon-sized object outside the solar system. The probe took this photograph of it. It appears to be the organic husk of a member of Xipe Totec’s species that did not survive its interstellar trip.

Commission for Ocean Man.

© Eduardo Valdés-Hevia