Stream FAQs


  • No slurs, harassment or offensive behaviour.
  • I don’t do impromptu requests, but if you get enough points (layers) you can request a quick edit! Otherwise, DM me or email me if you want to ask for a paid commission!
  • Be cool.

Q: What are you streaming?
A: I’m doing photomanipulation, which means I’m using Photoshop to mix images together and create creepy or surreal scenes. You can see the results in this site, or my twitter!

Q: What’s your schedule?
A: I’m currently streaming on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30 PM UTC / 5:30 PM EST. Every 2 Sundays, I host the House of Horrors podcast!

Q: What’s House of Horrors?
A: It’s a live podcast I run on my channel, approximately every 2 weeks on Sundays! In each episode, I bring a guest, usually a horror artist, to talk about horror! I try to change it up from time to time, though!

Q: What’s that music?
A: I have a playlist of stream-safe music! Feel free to use it on your own streams!

Q: I want to learn Photoshop, how can I start / how do I do a specific effect?
A: I’d love to help if you have any questions! Just ask away and I’ll happily explain, or use the “How did you do that?” point reward to let me know if you want me to explain something I’m doing in detail! If you want an in-depth photoshop course by me, check out my Patreon!

Q: I just subscribed, how do I gain access to the secret sub & Patreon Discord?
A: Shhh, don’t tell anyone! Go to your Discord client and go to your User Settings using the gear next to your name. Then, go to “Connections” and find the Twitch icon. If you don’t have your account synced to your Twitch do so now, and you should see the Valdevia’s Membership Club server appear next to a Join button. If you’re confused, see Twitch’s own guide!



  • Intel i7-8700
  • PNY Quadro P620 2GB
  • 32GB RAM
  • 500GB SSD + 2TB HD
  • ASUS MX239


  • Tablet: Wacom Intuos Medium
  • Cam: Logitech C920 HD
  • Mic: RØDE NT-USB